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Variables - Modification

We're proud to announce a significant update to our Variables feature, which aims to provide a more structured and user-friendly experience for managing your variables. This update introduces key modifications and new elements to improve usability and functionality.

Introducing new fields and modifications:

New fields

  • Name - This mandatory field supports up to 255 characters and must consist only of lowercase letters and digits 0-9. As the solely permitted separator is a dash '-'.
  • Group - With the addition of this field, you can easily categorize your variables, making them more straightforward to navigate and manage.


Enhanced field structure:

  • Code: Remains a mandatory field with a max length of 255 characters.

  • Name: A new mandatory field, with a max length of 255 characters.

  • Group: Variables can be arranged into groups, enhancing organization and accessibility.

  • Value: A mandatory field without length restrictions, now presented in a multiline format to accommodate extensive entries, such as connection strings.

  • Sensitive: A boolean field indicating whether the variable contains sensitive information, with a default setting of false.

  • Description: An optional multiline field for additional variable details.

UI/UX Enhancements:

Variable list improvements:

  • Variables are now displayed according to the groups you've defined. This grouping offers a clearer overview and enhances your ability to manage variables more structuredly.

  • A new column, Name, provides a quick overview of each variable's identity.

  • Sensitive variables now showcase a grey badge marked "Sensitive value" instead of displaying values directly, enhancing security and privacy.

  • Descriptions, being optional, occupy less space, with tooltips available for overflowing text, maintaining a clean layout while ensuring accessibility to complete information.

  • The variable list now defaults to sorting by the Code field in ascending order, facilitating more straightforward navigation and identification.

  • The search functionality has been refined to include only the Code and Name fields, streamlining the search process and ensuring quick access to needed variables.

  • For existing variables, we've implemented a post-deploy process where the Name field will be automatically populated with the Code value to ensure continuity and ease of transition.

This update represents our ongoing commitment to enhancing the platform's efficiency and user experience. By introducing these thoughtful modifications and new features, we aim to simplify the management of variables, making it more intuitive and secure for all users. Please refer to our Help center for detailed instructions and further insights into utilizing the new Variables feature enhancements.