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Digitoo - Change Document Status

[ | version 3.0]


The connector is permitted for use of the platform background agent.

Connector processing type: Both (Row by row & Bulk), Default type: Row by row!

Digitoo is a document management system that streamlines the processing and handling of various document types. It offers robust features for uploading, managing, and tracking documents through different stages of their lifecycle, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in document workflows.

This connector allows you to change the status of the uploaded document.

To learn more about the Digitoo API, see the Digitoo API documentation.


Digitoo Change Document Status Settings

Error behavior

The available values are:

  • Fail and return response: The connector fails at the specified line but generates output with error details.

  • Fail without response: The connector fails - the error will be displayed only in the log.

  • Do not fail and return response: The connector does not fail but generates output records that may be marked with an error and detailed information.

Target status

The available values are:

  • Take from input: Status is set based on the provided input data.
  • Received: Initial status of document after upload.
  • Enqueued for extraction: This status is assigned automatically after extraction is initiated.
  • Extraction errored: AI engine may fail to extract the document. It is still possible to annotate manually.
  • Extraction rejected: In case of SPAM settings turned on, AI engine may skip documents which are not invoices. These documents can be forced to extraction.
  • Waiting for human validation: Once document is extracted by AI it is set to this status.
  • Waiting for human approval: In case of active approval tab the document will be set for approval.
  • Deleted: Document is moved to the Deleted folder.
  • Postponed: Document can be postponed and user can return to it at a later date.
  • Ready to export: Set this status once document is ready to be exported (eg. by Send button in App).
  • Exporting: Document is currently being exported.
  • Exported: Export is done, document is now visible in ERP.
  • Exported errored: Export has failed, export error message is mandatory to inform user about the error.
  • Rejected: In case of active approval tab, document can be rejected.
  • Approval restarted: In case of active advanced approval, the whole approval process can be restarted.
  • External processing: Document can be set to this status which removes it from App UI. It is useful when there are many external validations.

Digitoo - Connection (ver. 1.1.0)


Your Digitoo account login email.


Your Digitoo account password.

Input & Output Schema


Digitoo - Change Document Status Request (ver. 1.2)

Column Data type Allow null Description
DocumentID String No A unique identifier of a document
Status String Yes Status
InternalErpID String Yes An internal ID from the ERP system
ExportError String Yes Export error
ExportErrorDescription String Yes Export error description


Digitoo - Change Document Status Response (ver. 1.1)

Column Data type Allow null Description
StatusCode Integer No A numerical response from the server to an HTTP request sent to an API
ErrorKey String Yes It may be populated in the case of a failed scenario
Messages Digitoo - Message v1.1.0 Yes Digitoo - Message

Status Code

  • 200 Success
  • 400 Bad request
  • 500 Server error

Digitoo - Message (ver. 1.1.0)

Column Data type Allow null Description
Message String No In the case of a failed scenario, an error message will be displayed

Release notes