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Endpoint list - Extension

General overview

In this update to our platform, we're introducing an intuitive visual aid to the Endpoint list, enhancing the alerting system. This new feature is designed to improve the visibility of task status directly within the Endpoint list, ensuring you're always informed about the operability of your tasks at a glance.

Task status alert icon

An orange triangle with an exclamation mark is now prominently displayed at the end of any endpoint record row linked to a non-runnable or non-executable task. This icon is an immediate notification, alerting you to potential issues affecting your endpoint's functionality.


Hover for details

For added convenience, hover over this new icon to receive detailed information about the non-runnable or non-executable task. This feature allows for quick identification and understanding of issues, enabling you to address them promptly without disrupting your workflow.

This enhancement is part of our ongoing commitment to providing a seamless and productive environment for all our users. It ensures that managing and troubleshooting endpoints is as efficient and intuitive as possible. Please visit our Endpoint documentation for more detailed information.