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Agent log

The Agent Log is a component used to record and store important information related to the operation and activity of the agent in the Integray. This log is employed to monitor and log the agent's activity. The primary purpose of the Agent Log is to provide information about the agent's activity and status.

The Agent log can log the following types of Log levels: Trace, Debug, Info, Warning, Error, and Fatal, according to the Log hub rule settings on the Agent log Rule line. Here, you can find more about the Log hub rules.

Each record in the Agent Log is highlighted in color based on the Log level and contains a brief description of the agent's activity, name (ID), date, and time of entry in the log.


Log levels

Log level Description
Trace In-depth details, decision sections, cycles, etc are logged here. Log usage for debugging by developers.
Debug Technical details, partial steps, or logical parts are logged here. Log usage for debugging by developers and admins. Fewer details compared to Trace.
Info Information providing detail of the Agents' activities are logged here. Useful and comprehensive information for the end user.
Warning Warnings on minor or occurrences of repairable errors are logged here. Warnings do not fail the process and tasks can continue further.
Error Major unrepairable errors are logged here. The tasks and the process does fail and is unable to continue.
Fatal Serious system issues, and init failures are logged here. Not recommended to select.

The Agent log can be automatically refreshed at a set frequency of 10 sec, 30 sec, 60 sec, and 5 min. If the frequency is set to "None", data refresh must be executed manually.



You can narrow the displayed records to the desired data set using the filters located at the top of the screen. You can filter based on Company, Agent, Log level, Events, Date range and full text search field.


Company: Select one or more desired Companies.

Agent: Select one or more desired Agents. The list of the Agents can be filtered based on the selected Company.

Log level: Select the Log level from the list Warning, Trace, Debug, Info, Error or Fatal.

Events: Select the desired Events. See the list of events below.

Events ID Events ID
Status messages 1xxx Connection Failure 2004
Connection messages 2xxx Generic Update Message 3000
Update messages 3xxx Agent Update Started 3001
Log hub messages 6xxx Agent Update Completed 3002
Agent Info 1000 Agent Update Failed 3003
Generic Connection Message 2000 Agent Restart Started 3004
Connected 2001 Agent Restart Failed 3005
Disconnected 2002 Generic Log Hub Message 6000
Reconnected 2003

Date range: Select the required data range from the Predefined ranges (Last minute, Last 5 minutes, Last 10 minutes, Last hour, Last 3 hours, Last 12 hours, Last 24 hours, Last week). Additionally, a custom date range can be set - From Date & Time, To Date & Time.

Search: Write a value for full text search.


To cancel an active filter, click the cross icon on the right of the filtered field.



The Agent log can display up to 100 records. If the number of records to be displayed is greater than 100, you will be notified by the system to refine your search.