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Terminal protocol REVO Payment Connector

[ | version 3.1]


The connector is forbidden for use by the platform background agent.

Connector processing type: Row by row!

The connector that helps connect external cash register systems (ECR) with the payment terminal. The connector is capable of transforming the request from the cash register system, entered in a format understood by the user (e.g., 100 CZK), into a format understood by the payment terminal. Subsequently, it can convert the transaction processing results returned by the terminal into a format the cash register system understands.

Purchase operation - Transfer of an amount from the cardholder’s account to the terminal operator’s account (merchant) as a payment for goods, services or cash.


POS Connection

IP Address

Destination IP address of terminal (e.g.

IP Port

Destination port of terminal (e.g. 2050)

POS REVO Settings

ECR confirmation

All supplementary confirmations (such as signature verification and printing of copies) are handled by the ECR (Electronic Cash Register) system. This includes verifying whether the signature matches and printing a copy of the receipt for the customer.

Confirm signature match

If an additional confirmation is performed by the ECR, automatically verify whether the signature matches (true or false).

If an additional confirmation is conducted by the ECR, print a copy of the receipt for the customer.

Input & Output Schema


Pos REVO Payment Input Schema (ver. 1.1.0)

Column Data type Allow null Description
Amount Double No Transaction amount defines the value of a transaction. The amount is given without decimal point. Example: the amount "2000" is given for the amount 2000 HUF or 20,00 CZK
Currency String Yes Currency of a transaction. It is important for transaction receipt, but currency has no impact on the Totals where in "Sums of financial transactions" is clear total of all transaction amounts. If this field is not included in the message, the terminal will use its default currency. Format: numeric Length: fix 3 Example of supported codes: 203 = CZK, 978 = EUR, 840 = USD, 826 = GBP
IpAddress String Yes Destination IP address of terminal
IpPort Integer Yes Destination port of terminal


POS REVO Payment Output (ver. 1.0.0)

Column Data type Allow null Description
TerminalId String Yes Terminal logical identifier on which the transaction will be made.
TransactionTimestamp Datetime No Expiration date of a payment card in the month and year form. Format: yyyy. MM. dd HH: mm: ss
IsTransactionApproved Bool No Flag identifies that the transaction has been approved.
TransactionId String Yes Numeric unique identifier of the financial transaction.
AuthorizationCode String Yes Authorization Code. 0-8 characters.
ResponseCode String Yes This field informs about processing results (of transaction or message). Defined codes are in the chapter Transaction result codes.
Message String Yes Terminal text message or error message. 0-64 characters.
CardBrand String Yes Brand name of the card used in the transaction.
Transaction result codes

Codes of accepted transactions

Code Description
0 Transaction accepted
1 Transaction refused
2 No connection
7 Transaction interrupted by the user
9 Card is blacklisted

Release notes


  • Extended input schema for IpAddress and IpPort


  • First release