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Cuzk Property Overview Request

[ | version 3.0]


The connector is permitted for use of the platform background agent.

Connector processing type: Row by row!

The Cadastral Register (Katastr nemovitostí) is a comprehensive database managed by ČÚZK that contains information about real estate properties, including land parcels, buildings, and other structures. It provides legal and technical data related to cadastral territories, such as ownership, boundaries, rights, restrictions, and other relevant information.

The Cuzk Property Overview Request connector enables online access to specified data of the cadastre of real estate to registered users. To work with the real cadastre database, you need to register and obtain the access codes for the service with the CUZK. It is a paid service. Note, that using our platform connector compared to direct integration to the CUZK service will provide you enhanced user experience as the service appears to a user as synchronous compared to the CUZK original asynchronous service. The original CUZK service is using older SOAP technology. The SOAP technology has seen a decline in popularity in recent years, therefore we opt for a more lightweight alternative of Representational State Transfer (REST) API and wrap the original service into the modern technology. Additionally, the implementation of the CUZK SOAP is less simple and may require more skills and time compared to the easy configuration of the integray series of ISCuzk connectors.

Request property overview:

This connector provides for the creation of the property overview issuance request to the Real estate cadastre. Provide the Person ID as the input. Other parameters are optional.The response to the submitted request is the ReportID which is consequently used in the next step working with the ISCuzk Report reader connector as an input. It is important to understand that request processing takes in the range of tens of seconds. Immediate initiation of the consequent integration step using the Read report connector will highly likely not return the required result. Consider incorporation of a managed delay (specific connector) within the integration, to allow enough request processing time prior to using the report reader.
When requesting the information about parcel, select the relevant required report output format. It is recommended to check on CUZK portal, what are the relevant report output formats for respective requests as not all supported formats are available for all reports.

In addition to the selected report output format, you can request for inclusion of extra XML report output by checking the box Include XML.

report format XML inclusion

Information about property overview

This output set contains an overview of LV in the hierarchy of territorial units (district, municipality, and cadastral unit) for assigned justified subjects.


IS Cuzk Server configuration


The URL of the IS Cuzk service server. Identify the server either using URL address or IP address in dotted format (dotted decimal notation).



Authorization Method

Supported authorization methods:

None - No authorization is used.

Token The token provided by the CUZK to a registered user account is used for authorization.

Default value: Token

Authorization token

Fill in the CUZK account-provided authorization token to authenticate the connection.


The number of seconds to wait before terminating the request. The default value is set to 100.

IS Cuzk Report Format configuration

Report format

The report output format delivered to the user. Note: Not all listed format are available and supported for all report types.

Supported report formats:

  • PDF

  • XML

  • HTML

  • ZIP

Include XML

This option enables to append additional report in XML format and obtain it as part of the output. Include XML default value: false.

Input & Output Schema


CuzkService Property Overview Input (ver. 1.0.0)

Column Data type Allow null Description
PersonID string No Person ID
LegalRelationshipCode string Yes Legal relationship type - code
CountryCode string Yes Country code, definition for ownership overview
VillageCode string Yes Municipality (village) code, definition for ownership overview


CuzkService ReportID (ver. 1.0.0)

Column Data type Allow null Description
ReportID string No Report ID

Legal relation regarding the ownership for one or more entitled persons to one or more real estates. It consists of parts A to F with the following content:

Part A: specification of the legal relation and information about the owner or co-owners and their shares or about other entitled persons with stated legal relation to real estates specified in the part B.

Part B: information about real estates (parcels, parcels registered in a simplified way, buildings, flats, and non-residential units).In case the building located on the parcel has another owner; the number of its LV is stated there. The same is applicable vice-versa – in case the building is the subject of ownership, but not the parcel under it, the number of LV of the parcel is stated there. Part B1 is allocated for the registration of other real rights that are mentioned in part A to somebody else´s real estate.

Part C: limitation of ownership rights (encumbrances, mortgages etc.) to real estates registered in part B.

Part D: list of acquisition titles, it is document regarding ownership of real estates in part B.

Part E: technical records.

Part F: concerns solely agricultural parcels and contents their classification into estimated pedologic-ecological units (BPEJ).

Release notes


  • First release