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Item create with the column values

In this example, we will guide you through the process of creating a new item on a specific board on using just two straightforward steps. Additionally, as part of this example, we will demonstrate how to fill specific columns with predefined values.


It is necessary to have columns named Priority and Status within the board where new item will be created. Additionally, ensure that the Priority column has a value like Medium and the Status column has a value like Working on it.

To successfully configure the Monday Item Create connector, you must obtain three key pieces of information:

  • the Api token
  • the Board ID
  • the Column ID

You can acquire these details by visiting The Api token serves as the authentication mechanism, ensuring secure communication between Integray and, while the Board ID identifies the specific board where a new item will be created. The Column ID refers to the unique identifier of a specific column.

When these prerequisites are met, you can seamlessly proceed with configuring the connector.


Add a new Task and name it Monday item create.

Add a first Task step:

  • Step name: Define input
  • Connector: JS Mapper


Open the Task step editor by clicking the button with the pencil symbol.

Insert the following code into the JS Mapping statement configuration.

return [
    "BoardID": "1111111111",
    "ItemName": "This text will be displayed as Item name",
    "ColumnValues": [
        "ColumnID": "project_status",
        "Value": "Working on it"
        "ColumnID": "priority",
        "Value": "Medium"

Adjust the configuration based on your own BoardID and ColumnID values.

Select the Output schema Monday Item Create Input.

The setting of the first step can look like follows:


Add a second Task step:

  • Step name: Create item
  • Connector: Monday Item Create

Open the second step's Task step editor by clicking the pencil symbol button.

In the configuration section, insert Api token.

In the Input mapping section, map the values BoardID, ItemName and ColumnValuesfrom the input.


Press the Publish button.

Execute the task.


After successfully executing the task, a new item will be created in the specified board. The item will be populated with the relevant details based on the configured parameters, including values for the Priority and Status columns.