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Log writers

The Integray platform has four built-in log writers to record activities.

  • Agent log writer - table DXAgentLog

  • Job log writer - table DXJobLog

  • System log writer - table DXSystemLog

  • Task run log writer - table DXTaskRunLog

Additionally to the built-in log writers, the user can build and define his/her own custom log writer.


The configuration of the log writer depends on the type. There are 4 types based on where the output will be delivered to.

  • File

    • Path

    • File name pattern

    • Row pattern -

    • Maximum number of archive files

    • Maximum file size

    • Log key separator

    • ${keys} filter

  • Database

    The datatabase as a place to store log data is used mainly when it serves as accessible data source for an external data presentation layer for broader portfolio of applicaitons.

    • Database type - Custom DB - user's own custom database, where the log data will be stored

    • Connection string - To connect and access the custom database a connection string must be provided.

    • Database schema name -

    • Table name -

    • Column mapping

      Column Key
      Date Date
      Level Level
      Message Message
      AgentID Keys.AgentID
      EventID Keys.EventID
      Keys Keys
    • Keys filter - A filter applied on 'Keys' placeholder when used in the Column mapping section.

      • All - Takes all LogKeys from the log record.

      • Except mapped - Takes all LogKeys from the log record except keys mapped on the Column mapping section.

      • Custom exclude - Takes all LogKeys from the log record except keys defined in the Log keys section.

      • Custom include - Takes only LogKeys from the log record defined in the Log keys section.

    • Thread count - Number of threads writing into the database. Use more threads to speed up the insert to the database. (When more than one thread is selected then the order is not guaranteed.)

  • Email

    The email is usually used, when the user prefers agreggated log data to be available on regular basis for defined individual or group of recepients without instant access to the platform or other connected monitoring applications.

    • CRON - definition of the email send frequency

    • Limit - definition of maximum log message count to be included in one email. Default value = 0 (unlimited).

    • Email addresses - specification of the recepient(s) email address(es)

    • Subject - specification of the email message subject

  • Zabbix

    Zabbix is an application used to monitor "anything" including applications. The Integray platform supports the configuration to connect to Zabbix. Go to to find out more about the Zabbix application.

    • Server

    • Port

    • Timeout

    • Zabbix host name

    • Item key

    • Buffer count

    • Buffer delay