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Default settings for Config transfer

General overview

In our latest update, we're introducing a more intuitive approach to Config transfers. Recognizing the need for efficiency and consistency across transfers, we now automatically apply default settings from the last processed configuration. This enhancement streamlines the transfer process, especially for users who conduct frequent and similar transfers.

Simplified config transfer

Config transfer fully synchronize content from source to destination environments, offering limited options to modify the transferred content. However, you can now influence the transfer with the following options:

  • Tokens override
  • Variables override
  • Retention settings override
  • Comments include
  • Tags include
  • Data snapshot override

Automatic default preferences

For each company's initial config transfer, the system sets the following default preferences to ensure a seamless transfer experience:

  • Tokens override: No
  • Variables override: No
  • Retention settings override: No
  • Comments include: Yes
  • Tags include: Yes
  • Data snapshot override: Never

These defaults play a pivotal role in defining the transfer's behavior and outcome. The system will remember any adjustments made to these settings during the first transfer and automatically applied as default preferences for subsequent transfers within the same company. This feature significantly reduces the need for manual adjustments, making Config transfers more efficient and user-friendly.

Enhancements at a Glance

  • User efficiency: Save time with the automatic application of previously used settings.
  • Consistency: Maintain consistency across transfers without manually reconfiguring settings.
  • Intuitive process: Focus more on the transfer's strategic aspects rather than setting adjustments.

Visit the Help center to explore the Config Transfer feature in-depth and harness its full potential. Discover all the insights and guidance you need to streamline your configuration processes effortlessly.