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Python processor

This release is packed with extraordinary and mighty connectors enabling a wide range of opportunities for processing the inputs and creating required outputs. One is the Node.js processor and the second one is the Python processor.

Another Extra Powerful Connector

The Python processor provides you with analogical possibilities like Node.js just using a different programming language. Node.js with JavaScript is the most utilized programming language in the world, whereas Python is the fastest-growing major programming language in the world.

The processor is equipped with a Pandas module, a powerful data manipulation and analysis library for Python.

Key features:

Data ingestion, Data cleaning, Data transformation, Time series, and Statistics.

Key functions:

read_csv(), head(), tail(), describe(), groupby(), merge(), join(), pivot_table(), fillna()


Efficient handling of large datasets, Integrated with many other data science and machine learning libraries, Extensive documentation and community support on the web,
AI apps will generate for you any desired Python code you wish.

Visit our Help center > Connector academy > Python processor to learn more about the connector.

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