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XML Parser

[ | version 3.2]


The connector is permitted for use of the platform background agent.

Connector processing type: Row by row!

The XML parser connector allows you to parse the XML document into the required output data structure to handle and interpret XML data effectively.

You can specify the result path to indicate which elements or attributes you want to extract or manipulate as well as you can map the XML document structure to the output data schema as per your needs.


XML Parser configuration

Result path

The result path refers to the location or path within the XML structure where the desired result or information is located. It represents the hierarchical sequence of elements and attributes that need to be traversed to access the desired data.


If you are interested in the value of the element, the result path would be: root/person/name.

Output schema mapping

If your output schema structure differs from the XML structure, you have to configure the output schema mapping. You have to specify an XPath for each field of the used output schema

The output schema mapping is a table with two columns:

Schema column - This represents the Output schema column name.


  • ${body} - Gets the whole body (as a string) and passes it to the output.

  • ${bodyBase64} - Gets the whole body (encoded into Base64) and passes it to the output.

  • ${body.row} - Gets the whole row and passes it to the output.

  • ${fixed:Constant} - Sets the Constant value directly to the output.

XML Parser XML Paser schema

Input & Output Schema


Text (ver. 1.0.0)

Column Data type Allow null Description
Text String No Converted plain text.


Data schema is mandatory

The connector requires mandatory input or output data schema, which must be selected by the user from the existing data schema repository or a new one must be created. The connector will fail without structured data.

Release notes


  • Plugin binaries update as a result of included connector change.


  • Fixed shared nuget package versions.