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Terminal protocol Tatrabank Closure Connector

[ | version 3.1]


The connector is forbidden for use by the platform background agent.

Connector processing type: Row by row!

Using the Connector for Closure within the Tatrabank protocol serves two main purposes:

Firstly, it signifies the closure of the accounting period, often accompanied by operational transitions like changes of operators.

Secondly, it undertakes the critical task of verifying the transactional balance between the payment terminal (or cash register) and the authorization system. This transactional verification process ensures the integrity of financial records and compliance with regulatory standards, contributing to operational efficiency and transparency.


POS Connection

IP Address

Destination IP address of terminal (e.g.

IP Port

Destination port of terminal (e.g. 2050)

POS Settings

Protocol version

Version of ECR protocol (e.g., 1.00)

ECR info data

ECR integrator specific data sent by the cash register (e.g., IGS)

Currency Code

Currency code used in transaction (e.g., 978 for Euro)

Print the receipt on the terminal (e.g., 0 or 1)

Send formatted receipt flag

Send the receipt to ECR (e.g., 0 or 1)

Input & Output Schema


Pos Tatrabank Closure Input Schema (1.1.0)

Column Data type Allow null Description
IpAddress String Yes Destination IP address of terminal
IpPort Integer Yes Destination port of terminal


Pos Tatrabank Closure Output Schema (1.0.0)

Column Data type Allow null Description
Totals JSON Yes Terminal and server-side totals/subtotals. Totals record in JSON structure - see below
IsTransactionApproved Bool No Flag identifies that the transaction has been approved
EcrVersion String Yes Version of ECR protocol (e.g., 1.00)
ReceiptEncoding String Yes Encoding of receipt data. Possible encodings are UTF-8 (default), ASCII, CP1250 and ISO-8859-2
ResponseCode String Yes Alphanumeric response code from host
ResponseCodeDescription String Yes Response code description from host. Text is encoded using the same encoding scheme as specified in field “e”
LocalTextResponse String Yes Description of locally declined transaction
CustomerReceipt String Yes Formatted customer receipt data for ECR printer
MerchantReceipt String Yes Formatted customer receipt data for ECR printer

Totals record in JSON structure:

  • DebitCount - Number of debit transactions (Sales)

  • DebitAmount - Total amount of debit transactions

  • CreditCount - Number of credit transactions (Refunds)

  • CreditAmount - Total amount of credit transactions

Release notes


  • Extended input scheme for IpAddress and IpPort


  • First release