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Task Step Behavior Default Value Configuration on Company Level

“Simplify the config work” type of enhancement to our platform that streamlines the way you configure default values for task step behaviors. With this latest release, you now have the power to set default values for "Data snapshot," "On empty output," and "Error behavior" at the company level. This update streamlines configuration tasks, reduces effort, and enhances your overall workflow.

Why is this important?

Previously, task step behavior settings were exclusively managed on an individual task step basis. This meant that for every task step where you wanted different settings from the platform defaults, you had to configure all three behavior attributes separately. This process was time-consuming and could lead to errors.

The Benefits of Company-Level Configuration

With the introduction of company-level configuration, you can now establish default behavior settings that apply universally across your organization. The advantages of this enhancement become especially apparent when you need distinct task step behavior configurations for different company environments, such as "Development," "Testing," and "Production."

Key Highlights:

Effort Reduction

Say goodbye to the tedious task of configuring behavior attributes for each task step individually. Setting defaults at the company level saves you time and effort.


Ensure uniform task step behavior settings across your organization, promoting consistency and reducing the risk of errors.

Environment Differentiation

Easily customize behavior configurations for different company environments, allowing you to meet the unique needs of each stage, from development to production.

Visit our Help center > Knowledge base > Administration > Companies > Task step behavior to learn more.

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