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Configuration transfer - Redesign

General overview

We are excited to introduce a comprehensive redesign of the Config Transfer functionality in this release. This update brings a series of ergonomic and functional improvements to the configuration transfer process, enhancing user experience and efficiency.

Key enhancements

Improved user interface

  • Ergonomic control placement: We have reimagined the toggle buttons on the config transfer insert screen. Filters now utilize more suitable control elements, ensuring an intuitive user interface that maximizes workspace ergonomics.

  • Clarified action buttons: The "Import data" button has been renamed to "Import config" to more accurately reflect its purpose as a tool for importing configuration settings, not data.


Enhanced information display

  • Expanded header details: The config transfer insert screen header now includes comprehensive data to provide a more straightforward overview of the transfer specifics. Newly added details encompass:

    • Name: Displays the name of the original company.
    • Created by version: Shows the version of the product that initiated the transfer.
    • Created date: Displays the initiation date of the transfer, providing more precise insights into its timing.

Usability improvements

  • Optimized screen layout: We have widened the search field to take advantage of the available screen space, allowing for a more user-friendly navigation experience.
  • The task, endpoint, and other panels: We now display the badges on the right side (e.g., Insert, None) as non-clickable elements. This change eliminates any confusion about their functionality, as previously, they appeared clickable without providing additional actions.

These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to improving your experience with our platform and making configuration management more intuitive, efficient, and informative. Please visit our Help center for more detailed information on the Config transfer feature and its enhancements.