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Publish - Errors & Warnings messages

General overview

In this release, we introduce a refined approach to the publishing process designed to enhance the accuracy and user feedback for cache updates. When publishing, the system ensures only valid tasks and endpoints are updated, providing clear notifications for any omitted items.

Key enhancements

  • Detailed feedback: When you confirm a publish action, a modal window will display the status either Published or Failed alongside detailed feedback. This includes a list of detected issues, with warnings highlighted in orange and errors highlighted in red. The window offers in-depth explanations and direct links to the implicated entities.

  • Comprehensive status messages: Receive immediate feedback on the outcome of your publish action, with specific messages tailored to different scenarios, from successful updates to detailed reasons for failure.

  • Detected issues highlighted: The system categorizes issues detected during the publish process as errors or warnings for easy identification, providing complete explanations and actionable links.

  • Special case warnings: Special cases, such as publishing endpoints with non-runnable tasks, are flagged as warnings, drawing attention to potential configuration issues.


Status messages include:

  • Publish Success: Confirms all configurations were successfully updated.
  • Publish Success with Warnings/Errors: Alerts to successful updates with notes on items that require attention due to warnings or errors.
  • Publish Failed: Indicates no available configurations to publish or signifies no configuration changes since the last publish.

Visit the Publish documentation for an even more detailed guide on navigating these updates and utilizing the new publish functionalities.