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Processing simple input data

This example shows how to easily transform input data into another structure.

Input schema

Column Data type Allow null Description
ObjectID integer No ObjectID value
ObjectName string No ObjectName value
ObjectJson JSON Yes ObjectJson value
ObjectContent Base64 No ObjectContent value

Input data

        "ObjectID": 125,
        "ObjectName": "Testing object",
            "ID": 125, 
            "Name": "Testing object",
            "CreationDate": "2023-03-13T09:16:47.780"
        "ObjectContent": "VGVzdGluZyBvYmplY3QgY29udGVudA=="
        "ObjectID": 215,
        "ObjectName": "New testing object",
            "ID": 215, 
            "Name": "New testing object",
            "CreationDate": "2023-03-16T03:35:10.700"
        "ObjectContent": "VGVzdGluZyBvYmplY3QgY29udGVudA=="

Mapping configuration

Mapping value
Testing description
${input.ObjectID} - ${input.ObjectName}

Ouput schema

Column Data type Allow null Description
ID integer Yes ObjectID value
Description string Yes Fixed string value
ObjectIDWithName string Yes Concatenation of input schema properties ObjectID and ObjectName
Json JSON Yes ObjectJson JSON value
Content Base64 Yes ObjectContent Base64 value

Output data

ID Description ObjectIDWithName Json Content
125 Testing description 125 - Testing object { "ID": 125, "Name": "Testing object", "CreationDate": "2023-03-13T09:16:47.780" } VGVzdGluZyBvYmplY3QgY29udGVudA==
215 Testing description 215 - New testing object { "ID": 215, "Name": "New testing object", "CreationDate": "2023-03-16T03:35:10.700" } VGVzdGluZyBvYmplY3QgY29udGVudA==