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CatalogDB Select Connector

[ | version 3.1]


The connector is permitted for use of the platform background agent.

Connector processing type: Row by row!

This connector allows to download data from CatalogDB database.

Storage data

This connector saves last read RecVersion property. When Input schema is not filled or Input schema is filled and RecVersion is empty, last Storage data are used as RecVersion.

Storage format:

  "LastRead": "0x00000000000007D3"


Connection String configuration

Connection string

Input data can be obtained with input data placeholders.

${input.DbName} will be replaced by value in DbName of the very first row.

CatalogDB Connection Params configuration

Entity name

Name of inserted or updated entity. By this Entity there are called stored procedures on connected DB server.


  • Customer
  • User
  • ...

Database schema name

A schema is a collection of logical structures of data, or schema objects.


Number of attempts

Number of attempts to process data. Server try to execute command as many times as number of attempts is set.

CatalogDB Select Params configuration

Use data pointer

When checked connector use last store data pointer value insteed of ModifiedDate property sended in input data.

Max returned rows

Max returned rows to output.

When not set, returning all rows.

Input & Output Schema


Input schema is optional. When input schema is selected there must be JUST one entry contained.

Catalog Select Input (ver. 1.0.4)

Column Data type Allow null Description
Code string Yes Code value for searching.
Code2 string Yes Code2 value for searching.
OriginID string Yes OriginID unique value of entry in DB (Guid).
ModifiedDate string Yes ModifiedDate value for searching.
OnlyActive string Yes OnlyActive value for searching.
FilterJSON string Yes FilterJSON value for searching.
RecVersion string Yes RecVersion value for searching.


Catalog Select Output (ver. 1.0.5)

Column Data type Allow null Description
DataJSON JSON No JSON value of entry stored in CatalogDB.
CreatedDate DateTime Yes DateTime when entry was created.
ModifiedDate DateTime No Last modification DateTime.
RecVersion string Yes RecVersion value.
TaskRunID integer Yes ID of the currently executing TaskRun.

Release notes


  • Plugin binaries update as a result of included connector change.


  • Fixed shared nuget package versions.


  • Fixed right processing of nullable properties.