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Azure - Blob Storage Writer

[ | version 3.0]


The connector is forbidden for use by the platform background agent.

Connector processing type: Both (Row by row & Bulk), Default type: Row by row!

This connector allows to upload files to Azure blob storage.

More information how to setup blob container can be found in Documentation.

Creating Azure Blob Storage

On Azure portal make these steps to be able to upload files to Azure blob:

  1. Create storage account (account name)
  2. Create container in this storage account (container name)
  3. Setup authorization by shared access signature (SAS) that will have permissions for write to created container (SAS Token).


Configure connector based on each steps before (account and container name and SAS token).

Input Example

Input has following properties: - BlobName - it can be file name with extension and if you use forward slashes it will be visible as in directories, but it is just virtual structure - Data - base64 data of file

Following data from JS Mapper

        "BlobName": "folder1/folder2/test.txt",
        "Data": "ewogICAgIlN1Y2Nlc3MiOnRydWUKfQ=="
        "FileName": "root.txt",
        "Data": "ewogICAgIlN1Y2Nlc3MiOnRydWUKfQ=="
will be uploaded to Azure blob container.


Azure Blob Connection configuration

Account Name

Name of storage account created in section Storage accounts on Azure portal.

Container Name

Name of the container that must be created for given storage account.

Sas Token

Shared Access Signature (SAS).

Authentication Type

Authorization type for Azure blob storage.

  • Anonymous - select if blob container is accessible for public
  • Shared Access Signature (SAS) - must be created with Write permission for blob container on Azure portal

Input & Output Schema


Input is Azure Blob Writer Input Schema which contains blob names and its data which will be uploaded to selected container.

Azure Blob Writer Input Schema (ver. 1.0.0)

Column Data type Allow null Description
BlobName String false Name of the blob with extension (can contain virtual path)
Data Base64 false Base64 encoded content of file
Example input data
BlobName: string Data: Base64
test.txt ewogICAgIlN1Y2Nlc3MiOnRydWUKfQ==
virtualDirectory\test2.txt ewogICAgIlN1Y2Nlc3MiOnRydWUKfQ==


Output is Azure Blob Writer Output Schema which contains Url address to blob.

Azure Blob Writer Output Schema (ver. 1.0.0)

Column Data type Allow null Description
LastModified DateTime false Last modified date time
Example output data
Url: string LastModified: DateTime 2022-09-02T06:16:05Z

Release notes


  • Fixed shared nuget package versions.


  • Fixed right processing of nullable properties.