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Agent Wrapper

This release revolutionizes the way remote agents are managed within our platform, bringing forth a fundamental transformation in their operational dynamics.

What's New

Agent Wrapping Technology

With this release, we're unveiling an innovative approach to agent management - the concept of "Agent Wrapping." Our agents are now enveloped in a protective and intelligent layer, known as the "Wrapper."

Comprehensive Agent Lifecycle Management

The Wrapper isn't just a passive layer; it's a dynamic, multifunctional component that takes on a host of responsibilities. Here's what it does:

Auto Updates

The Wrapper seamlessly handles the task of keeping your agent up to date. It automatically downloads and installs new agent versions when required, ensuring that you always have access to the latest features and enhancements.

Agent Initialization

Need your agent to start promptly? The Wrapper's got you covered. It initiates your agent when necessary, saving you time and effort.

Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

In the event of any issues or hiccups, the Wrapper becomes your ally. It collects and sends diagnostic data, helping you swiftly identify and resolve problems, and ensuring the smooth operation of your agents.


Thanks to the Wrapper, your agents are now more self-sufficient than ever before. This upgrade minimizes the need for manual administration, allowing you to focus on your core tasks while your agents are efficiently managed in the background.

Agent wrapper is a hassle-free approach to agent management and operations.

Visit our Help cener > Knowledge base > Configuration > Agents to learn more.

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