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Connector cleanup

We are pleased to introduce an important enhancement to our Connectors update job, which aims to streamline the maintenance and efficiency of system connectors. This new improvement focuses on optimizing your system's performance by ensuring only the most current and necessary connector versions are maintained.

Key highlights

  • Automatic updates and patches: The Connectors update job continues to install the latest releases and patches automatically for all system connectors, ensuring your system operates at peak performance and reliability.

  • Systematic removal of obsolete versions: With the update, this job now also identifies and systematically removes any obsolete connector versions not used in any active configuration. This process significantly reduces clutter and maintains system efficiency by keeping only essential connectors.

Efficient scheduling for optimal performance:

  • Randomized daily schedule: The job is scheduled by default to run once daily, typically at one or two AM, but with a randomly generated specific minute. This approach to scheduling is designed to optimize system performance by preventing simultaneous mass updates across all deployed environments.

This enhancement underscores our commitment to delivering solutions that not only keep your system up-to-date but also ensure it runs as efficiently as possible. By automatically removing outdated connectors that are no longer in use, we help streamline your system's operations, making it leaner and more dependable. For more information about the Connecotrs update job, visit our Help center.