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Remote config transfer job

We're happy to unveil a significant feature designed to streamline the process of remote configuration transfers between companies. This enhancement introduces a comprehensive solution that automates the transfer, verification, and publication of remote configuration files, ensuring a seamless update process across diverse environments and companies.

Enhanced Remote configuration transfer

This update binds to the Remote configuration transfer feature, facilitating the periodic transfer of task and endpoint settings from a "source" company to a "target" company. It activates only when you enable the transfer, offering both scheduled and immediate execution options for utmost flexibility.

Key features

  • Rewmote config transfer job: This is a new job that automatically processes the remote config transfer file for each company with the "Remote config transfer file URL" and "Remote config transfer token" set up.

  • CRON scheduling and Single fire run: You can now benefit from extended scheduling options for the job. By default, the job remains inactive until activated with a CRON for recurring execution or set a date and time for a single run at a specific date and time.

  • Immediate execution: For instant configuration updates, the "Run Now" feature triggers immediate job execution.

  • Automatic post-transfer publish: The system automatically initiates the publish process following a successful remote configuration transfer. This step activates all transferred settings and configurations in the target environment, ensuring immediate availability and functionality.


Please refer to our Help center for detailed guidance on leveraging this new feature, including setting up CRON expressions, scheduling single-fire runs, and utilizing the "Run Now" functionality.