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Advanced filter persistence

Our latest platform update elevates the user experience by introducing a sophisticated filter persistence mechanism across various sections, including grids. This enhancement ensures a more seamless and intuitive navigation experience, empowering users to maintain consistent filter settings across tabs and even when sharing links.

Key features:

  • Multi-storage filter persistence: We now preserve filters using a combination of query strings, session storage, and local storage. Upon loading a grid, the current filters are encoded into a base64 JSON format and saved back into the query string (URL) and storage, making your settings resilient and retrievable across browser sessions.

  • Independent tab filtering: You can now have multiple tabs open within the same company, each filtered differently according to your needs. Refreshing these pages will retain their respective filters, streamlining your workflow and comparison tasks.

  • Sharable filtered views: Sharing links to a specifically filtered grid view with others is now possible. Recipients will see the grid filtered exactly as you intended. Even when they navigate away and return, the original filter settings will be preserved, ensuring consistency in collaborative environments.

  • Filter recall: Opening a new tab automatically applies the "last" filter settings from any previously visited tab within the same domain, enhancing your productivity by reducing the need to reapply common filters.

By integrating this advanced filter persistence mechanism, we aim to provide a more cohesive, efficient, and user-friendly navigation experience across the platform. This update marks a significant step forward in our ongoing efforts to enhance platform usability and user efficiency. For more detailed information on the entire User Interface and its functionalities, please visit our Help center.