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Terminal protocol GPE Subtotal Connector

[ | version 3.1]


The connector is forbidden for use by the platform background agent.

Connector processing type: Row by row!

The Terminal protocol GPE SubTotal Connector ensures the connection of external cash register systems (ECR) with the payment terminal during subtotal processing. Its purpose is to compare the number and sum of amounts of all transactions made between the payment terminal (or cash register) and authorization system. It is only used for the immediate comparison of the accumulated transaction status. The connector can convert requests from cash register systems entered in a user-friendly format (e.g., CZK 100) into a format the payment terminal understands. Subsequently, it can transform the transaction processing results returned by the terminal into a format the POS system understands.


POS Connection

IP Address

Destination IP address of terminal (e.g.

IP Port

Destination port of terminal (e.g. 2050)

Input & Output Schema


Pos GPE SubTotal Input Schema (ver. 1.0.0)

Column Data type Allow null Description
IpAddress String Yes Destination IP address of terminal
IpPort Integer Yes Destination port of terminal


Pos GPE SubTotal Output Schema (ver. 1.0.0)

Column Data type Allow null Description
TerminalId String Yes Terminal logical identifier on which the transaction will be made.
TransactionTimestamp DateTime No Date and Time of transaction. The value is formatted: YYMMDDHHmmSS, where YY – year (last 2 numbers for 2017 only 17 is given) (00 to 99), MM = month (00 to 12), DD = day (01 to 31), HH = hour (00 to 23), mm = minute (00 to 59), SS = second (00 to 59)
IsTransactionApproved Bool No Flag identifies that the transaction has been approved.
ResponseCode String Yes This field informs about processing results (of transaction or message). Defined codes are in the chapter Transaction response codes below.
CodePage String Yes Info for printing reasons. This field is defined for future use if information is available.
PrintingText String Yes The field contains preformatted text for the printing of the transaction receipt by the ECR. The text is formatted into lines. The line contains formatting characters and/or constant value or directive.
Transaction response codes

Codes of accepted transactions

Code Description
000 - 009 Accepted
010 Accepted, Partial amount approved

Codes of rejected transactions

Code Description Code Description
050 General processing error 082 Reversal successful. Reversal reason = Card removed too soon
051 Unable to connect with Central Systems 100 Transaction not supported or not allowed
053 A response from the Central System was not delivered 101 Invalid card
055 Declined by chip card without authorization 103 Error in message format (protocol error)
056 Declined by authorization host (online transaction) 106 Error in message CRC (protocol error)
060 Transaction was canceled by the operator 107 Error in MAC (protocol error)
061 Transaction was canceled by the customer 108 Terminal Busy (protocol error)
062 Customer rejected transaction due to amount 110 The amount is not allowed
063 Processing exceeded the designated time limit 160 Totals on ECR, POST are not equal, on AC completed (AC+POST)
070 Transaction was not cancelled 161 161 Totals on ECR, POST are not equal, on AC not finished (POST without Response)
071 Currency not supported (Multicurrency) 200 Mandatory field missing in request message
080 No paper in the internal printer 360 Repeat Last Message – origin message not found
081 Reversal successful 500 Internal application Error

Release notes


  • Extended input scheme for IpAddress and IpPort


  • First release