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Using pdf-lib

This example shows how to use pdf-lib module.

pdf-lib module is imported as pdfLib

Create simple PDF

const { PDFDocument, StandardFonts, rgb } = pdfLib;

// Create a new PDFDocument
const pdfDoc = await PDFDocument.create()

// Embed the Times Roman font
const timesRomanFont = await pdfDoc.embedFont(StandardFonts.TimesRoman)

// Add a blank page to the document
const page = pdfDoc.addPage()

// Get the width and height of the page
const { width, height } = page.getSize()

// Draw a string of text toward the top of the page
const fontSize = 30
page.drawText('Creating PDFs in JavaScript is awesome!', {
  x: 50,
  y: height - 4 * fontSize,
  size: fontSize,
  font: timesRomanFont,
  color: rgb(0, 0.53, 0.71),

// Serialize the PDFDocument to bytes (a Uint8Array)
const pdfBytes = await

const file = {
  Content: Buffer.from(pdfBytes).toString('base64'),
  Name: 'new.pdf'

return [file]

See pdf-lib documentation for more examples.