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Connector configuration - Default to private or public

General overview

In our ongoing effort to streamline your workflow and enhance security, we've introduced an intelligent feature that advises on whether to save connector configurations as Private or Public. We tailor this guidance to maximize efficiency and reuse of configurations across your company's tasks.

Key enhancements

Intelligent configuration assistance

Our system now intelligently assists you in deciding the optimal storage option for your connector configurations. By analyzing the nature and reusability of each configuration, it suggests whether to save it as private or public:

  • Public configurations: Ideal for generic components like connection strings in MS SQL connectors, which you'll likely reuse across multiple tasks. The system will recommend saving such configurations publicly, enabling broad use across the entire company.
  • Private configurations: These are best suited for specific configurations, such as SQL scripts with Data Checkpoint definitions, tailored to individual tasks and less likely to be reused. They are recommended to be saved privately, restricted to the respective task step only.

Enhanced configuration grid

  • Filtering capability: The configuration grid now includes an "Include private" filter with a default setting of "No". Your preference is saved in local storage, allowing for a personalized and efficient navigation experience.

Please visit the Help center for detailed guidance and to maximize your use of this intelligent functionality.