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ARES reader connector

[ | version 3.2]

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The connector is permitted for use of the platform background agent.

Connector processing type: Both (Row by row & Bulk), Default type: Bulk!

The ARES reader reads the company data made available via API service of informations from Ares web services.


As from the version 3.2.0, there is no connection configuration available. The hostname and the timeout are now part of the connector source code.

Input & Output Schema


Ares input (ver. 1.0.0)

Column Data type Allow null Description
EIN string No Entity identification number


Ares output (ver. 1.0.0)

Column Data type Allow null Description
StatusID integer No
StatusName string No
EIN string Yes
TAXIN string Yes
Name string Yes
RegistrationDate DateTime Yes
Type string Yes
FullStreet string Yes
FullCity string Yes
Country string Yes
City string Yes
City2 string Yes
City3 string Yes
PostalCode string Yes
Street string Yes
StreetNumber string Yes
StreetNumber2 string Yes
TradeLicenseIssuer string Yes
RegisterLocation string Yes
RegisterNumber string Yes
EconomicActivity Ares Economic Activity (1.0.0) Yes

Release notes


  • Processed changes connected with new documentation version and version changes


  • Fix processing of "DIC" (attaching country code to "DIC" when missing)


  • Remove connection configuration.


  • Plugin binaries update as a result of included connector change


  • Migration to the new structure of the ARES web services data processing.


  • Plugin binaries update as a result of included connector change


  • Minor fix of processing of returned property: Postal code.


  • First release.